Over the bridge, 2018
Sphinx, 2017
Lombardia: four seasons of beauty, 2017
Expo Tales, 2015
Places, 2012/15
Nudi (with Silvio Pasotti), 2014
Untitled, 2012
Nudes, 2012
Visions of empty: Varese, 2011
The truth, 2011
In the bathroom, 2011
Kissing, 2010
Faithfullness, 2010
Rolling, 2009
His lunch, 2009

Breathe, 2017
Skin, 2015
Suspensions, 2012



    • Debora Barnaba is an artist and photographer, born in Milan in 1985.

      After studying drawing and painting, she discovered photography, which became her main expression in 2006. Her background can be seen in the detailed, formal construction of her shots and in her effort to aestheticize an idea, “tracing” it in the space of a single click. Debora Barnaba's expression of her own interior toughts is characterised by a stark simplicity of style and, combined with the expressive power of her self-portraits, recalls the work of Francesca Woodman and the desire to transcend her subjectivity offering an absolute body, in which the viewer is identified.

      She has worked with some of the leading names in this sector, including Maurizio Montagna, Roger Weiss, Giovanni Gastel and Oliviero Toscani, with whom, in 2009, she collaborated on a project about Florence that was later published in a catalogue entitled “Santo Spirito”.

      In 2010, one of the leading industry magazines, Il Fotografo, made its cover story about her.

      In 2011, she produced her first book, “Visioni del vuoto: Varese” (Arterigere Edizioni, 2011), which included critical texts by Riccardo Crespi, Riccardo Manzotti and Sandro Iovine, and provided an original portrayal of the garden city.

      In 2012, she extended her exploration into the world of video and worked with the painter Silvio Pasotti on various new projects about the body.

      She has, since her early days, taken part in several collective exhibitions, including “Il paesaggio contemporaneo” (Deodato Arte, Milan, 2012) and “Nonsolocorpisoli” (I Macelli, Florence, 2012).

      In 2013, she had her first personal exhibition “Debora Barnaba: Untitled show” at Theca Gallery in Lugano (Switzerland).

      From 2017 her interpretation of the Cenacolo Vinciano is permanently exposed in the Cenacolo Museum in Milan.

      She also works as a fashion photographer and has had her work published in magazines across the world, including L'Officiel, Cosmopolitan, OOB.

    • Solo exhibitions

      Debora Barnaba: Untitled Show, Theca Gallery, Lugano, Swiss, september 2013


      Selected group exhibitions

    Carte esposte, curated by Annalisa Fanti, Theca Gallery, Milan, Italy, july 2017

    Biennale di Genova, Palazzo Stella, Genova, Italy, june 2017

    Nude, Cortina Gallery, Milan, Italy, may 2017

    Kunst lives matter,
    Marzia Frozen Gallery, Berlin, Germany, march 2017

    White light/White heat
    , Theca Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland, february 2014

    Corpo a corpo, Hangart, Pavia, Italy, 2013

    Il paesaggio contemporaneo, Deodato Arte, Milan, Italy, 2012

    Nonsolocorpisoli, I Macelli, Florence, Italy, 2012

    Circuiti dinamici, Circolo culturale Bertolt Brecht, Milan, Italy, 2011

    Locus animae, Palazzo del Turismo, Jesolo, Italy, 2010

    Artparty, Museo d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Castello di Masnago, Varese, Italy, 2010

    Cristalli di Rocca, curated by Carolina Lio, Rocca Grimalda, Italy, 2008

    Body-il corpo umano nell’arte contemporanea, Spazio Expo Culturali GB Design, Florence, Italy, 2007



    Winner of the critique prize, Genova Biennale, 2017

    Mention by the jury, The Independent Photographer award, 2017

    Third classified with Annalisa Mazzoli, Serbelloni Prize, 2014

    Finalist at Premio Giovani Artisti Borgomanero, III edition, 2012

    Third classified, Premio Ghiggini Arte Giovani XI edition, 2012

    Special mention by the jury, Giovani Artisti Borgomanero, II edition, 2011


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