New exhibition at Ghiggini Gallery in april 2019


Chimera magazine, dec.2018


S. Francisco Moma blog and IG, may 2018


My new serie "Over the bridge" published on P magazine, february 2018

Cover of the "Noname collective gallery" London magazine, january 2018

Publication on the "Noname collective gallery" London magazine, december 2017

Exhibition at Theca Gallery, Milan, from 11th july to 4th august 2017

Exhibition Biennale di Genova, 10th-24th june 2017

Exhibition Contemporary visions, from 1st to 15th june 2017 worldwide

Exhibition of the project with Silvio Pasotti "Nude" at Cortina Gallery, Milan, 9th may 2017

Exhibition Kunst Lives Matter, Marzia Frozen gallery Berlin, from 4th to 31st march 2017

New book "Lombardia: four seasons of beauty", may 2017

Part of the new book "Il corpo solitario", Rubettino Ed., 2017

Presentation of the book "Expo Tales, 31st march 2016

New book "Expo Tales", march 2016

Conference for Associazione Culturale gruppo fotografico Fuori Fuoco, Induno Olona, 30th may 2015

Judge at the Behance portfolio review, may 2015

Part of the new book "Pasottiade", Pasotti ed. 2015

New book "Mondrian: l'arte come percezione della forma invisibile", EAI ed. 2015

Part in the new book "La Varese che vorrei", Lions club ed. 2014

Exhibition "Corpo a corpo", Hangart Pavia 28th september to 10th november 2013

Exhibition and performance"Nonsolocorpisoli", I Macelli, Certaldo, may 2013

Interview at "Poetando", La 6 tv, 2012

Presentation of the book "Visioni del vuoto: Varese" at GAV Varese, 19th march 2012

Presentation of the book "Visioni del vuoto:Varese", libreria Croci, Varese, 10th december 2011

New book "Visioni del vuoto: Varese", Arterigere ed. 2011

Conference about my work at Bologna University, 24th november 2010

Cover story for "Il Fotografo" magazine, august 2010

Part of the new book by Oliviero Toscani "Santo Spirito", Sterpaia ed. 2009