2017, dim. 100x150cm

“Guardian of the forbidden threshold and the royal mummies. It listen to the song of the planets, waking on the edge of eternity, of everything that was and will be. It sees in the distance the celestial Niles owing and the boats of the sun navigating “. (Book of the Dead)

“His gaze has something erce in the ecstasy and gives the feeling of emptiness. Goes straight ahead, but in a direction that does not belong to the space, which is not of this. “

Figure upright and still, who knows it is facing an equally motionless spectator, who watches her respectfully placing itself in front of her as in front of the image of a God.

It’s a giant creature observer of the time, a hybrid composed of multiple forms and parts which together are harmonics: fundamental oneness, unity recognized as a dynamic picture of life.

It has powerful upsurge and extreme immobility. Silence, immutability, immanence.